About Us



HG&A, Inc. is a Class III firearms retailer located in Pennsylvania, specializing in high quality products and specialty weapons. We have been providing premium firearms and firearm related products to regional customers and law enforcement agencies since 1988.

Semper Fi

What We Provide


Quality Product Brands

We stock Glock®, Barrett®, S&W®, Beretta®, Ruger®, D.P.M.S.®/Panther Arms®, Desert Eagle®, and Colt® among others.
We also carry Gen III night vision equipment by NIVISYS and MOROVISION, Holographic Weapons Sights by EOTech® and sound suppressors by GEMTECH®.



In addition to our full line of ammunition for our handguns, rifles and shotguns, also available is Barrett .50 Caliber Ball M33.


Special Orders

Call or e-mail sales@hgandainc.com for information on Class III weapons in stock or for information on the availability of a particular weapon. Special orders, or one of a kind orders are never a problem. Please Contact Us to request availability and pricing for specific products.


Federal and State Laws

Please note that customers are required to abide by all Federal and State Laws pertaining to the sale or transfer of firearms, as does HG&A, Inc.

  • Due to several problems doing business with customers in California, including cancellations of orders necessitating return shipment because of hyper-restrictive legislation; HG&A, Inc. will no longer sell and/or ship anything to anyone with an address within that state. Unfortunately this includes licensed dealers.

HG&A, Inc. supports all organizations working for the preservation of the right of private ownership of firearms. In addition, HG&A, Inc. considers it the duty of all firearms owners to increase the level of safety of use and storage of firearms, and to work on the prevention of accidents to firearm owners, their families, and their friends.

HG&A, Inc. supports all organizations, including law enforcement, working to decrease the incidence of the use of firearms in criminal activity.

It is up to those of us who know about firearms and their safe use to make sure that others who are less knowledgeable are educated correctly.