HK 53A3 5.56mm

HK 53A3 5.56mm

HK 53A3 5.56mm, Collapsible Stock, Safe/Single Shot/Tri-Burst/Full Auto

“Demo Unit” Call for availability


HK 53A3 5.56mm, Collapsible Stock, Safe/Single Shot/Tri-Burst/Full Auto

"Demo Unit" Call for availability

DEALER SAMPLES: Police Departments, Sheriff's Departments and other Law Enforcement Agencies; if you have firearms or tactical equipment requirements - especially if you are considering replacing or augmenting your 12 Gauge shotguns with something new, please call us.


$500 Grant Available for purchase

The first Police Force or Law Enforcement agency purchasing $3,000 or more worth of firearms or ammo from HG&A, Inc. will receive a $500 grant which can be used to offset part of the purchase price.

ALSO, HG&A, Inc. has the capacity to finance your weapons purchases across two annual budget cycles if required. This will allow you to acquire the weapons and products that you require while keeping your budget flexible.

Note that dealer samples are solely for the use of authorized law enforcement organizations for the purpose of comparison and/or testing and evaluation of that firearm or concept prior to the purchase of firearms.

If you are an authorized law enforcement agency and wish to utilize any of the dealer samples currently in stock for the above purposes, please contact us for information and scheduling.

If you are an authorized law enforcement agency and wish to test a weapon that we do not currently have in stock, please contact us and we may be able to find a dealer who currently has that weapon available for testing and evaluation.

If we are unable to find a particular weapon, we can order a dealer sample, at no cost to the department, upon receipt of a written request acceptable to the BATFE. Please note that these requests are currently taking eight (8) to nine (9) MONTHS for BATFE approval. We recommend that you submit your requests as early as possible in order to get the weapons in time to test and evaluate early enough to get funds placed in your next budget.

Dealer samples are not transferable to individuals and are not available to individuals for any purpose.

Note: photography is manufacturer's photography and may not represent actual items in inventory.


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