Remington (20716) (PR12CS)...

Remington (20716) (PR12CS)...

Remington (20716) (PR12CS) Premier Copper Sabot Slugs 12 Ga 2¾” (5 Pack)

$17.50 up to 3 boxes (per box)

SALE: $17 4 or more boxes (per box)


Please note that ammunition prices are for pick up in store only. Ammunition arriving at the store is broken out of the cases for sale. Repackaging, preparation for shipping, and shipping are prohibitively expensive and time consuming. In general our wholesalers will not drop ship ammunition even in case lots, however it is possible that we can order case lots and reship in the original containers at reasonable prices. Should you be interested in ordering case lots please leave an E-Mail at specifying exactly what you would like and we will quote a price.

All sales will be prepaid in full prior to delivery. All ammunition sales require proof of age prior to shipment taking place.

All items may not be in stock at all times. Call or E-Mail for information.


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